Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

Spring Into Action

Here we are… New Beginnings…Transformation… The rivers and creeks are beginning to swell…Animals and winged ones return from dormancy or far distances…The plant people are returning…Life is shifting energy from contractive to expansive…Inward to outward…A MOST MAGICAL TIME!

As this transition occurs, our bodies, being extensions of the Earth, begin to make the shift as well.  The liver becomes more active (in Chinese medicine it is the season of the liver), hay fever allergies kick in, we crave different foods, yearn for cleansing, tendency towards sinus and ear infections, as well as, emotional and spiritual shifts.

How I longed many a year to feel the harmony between my body, mind, emotions, and spirit during this magical season so I could truly enjoy it.  I often found it difficult to spring into activity from the inactivity of winter resulting in sinus infections, emotional turmoil, restlessness, and hay-fever allergies.  Thus, I became an investigator, observing and examining the deep corners of my knowledge base as well as looking to the wild plants and the rhythms of the natural world. For me, I realized as the season shifted, I needed a remedy that would support deep change to create harmony in my body and the world that surrounds me, as opposed to, something that worked directly to remove the symptoms. For example, an antihistamine coupled with proper liver nourishment, the remedy was directly in front of me (as it often is) and simple:


Nettles are revered by many cultures across the globe as a spring tonic. Not only as an ally to support our life force with green synergy (minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll, plant protein) but as an ally to create revitalizing, gentle movement to awaken the body from a dormant state. Michael Moore explained that Nettles create “green noise” in the body. As Nettles support us in shedding our winter skin, Nettles can also support our bodies in approaching hay-fever allergies in a non-invasive way.  What an incredibly well rounded plant medicine and one that grows readily across the globe.

Awakening Spring Tonic Tea
Nettles – 2 parts
Red Root – 1 part
Dandelion – 1 part

1. Simmer the roots together for 10-15 minutes.
2. Remove from heat.
3. Add Nettles and Steep for 10 minutes.
4. Strain and Drink!!!

Every time I see Nettles, hear the word Nettles, or drink Nettle tea it brings me home to myself.  I am reminded of the vibrant life force that has been a complete gift to each of us. Nettles remind us of our own vibrancy and give us an opening to embrace it! My gratitude knows no bounds for this beautiful relationship Nettles and I continue build!