Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

Plant Identification


In this class, we explore using all of our senses to enhance our confidence in identifying and becoming more familiar with each of our plant relatives. We excercise the importance of being able to identify plants in many different environments and seasons. Doug teaches in depth tools to assist in the identification process.

Plant Communication

Doug has many tools, stories, and experience to share in how to build lifelong relationships with the plants. Throughout the entirety of each workshop this is the focus as we learn about each plant.

Wild Harvesting Techniques

Sustainability, harvesting in a good way, protection, timing, and many other ethics are discussed in this class to accentuate the importance of being good relatives to the Earth. In this class, we continually revisit how important the plants well being is and that it ALWAYS comes first.

Wild Edibles

With Dougs incredible life long knowledge of diet and eating wild edibles on a consistent basis (sometimes solely) he brings a unique, fun and creative relationship to eating plants
of the wild.

Wild Food Preparations

In this class we explore – hands on- the numerous ways of how to prepare the abundance of wild foods, how to prepare them so they taste good and talk about how to eat wild foods in a sustaining, nutritionally balanced and fun way.