Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People


First, we’d like to start with the symbol of Chanchka.

Chanchka is a Lakota name for our powerful relative the red tail hawk. This nation frequently helps me in my life and medicine work.

Remedios is the Spanish word for herbal remedies. I have also received much help and influence from the plants and the medicine people from northern Mexico. I have chosen the name Chanchka Remedios to acknowledge and honor these great teachers in my life…

This symbol is a fire blessing that we use to call the fire. It was given to my son, Farel, by the fire spirits when he was 5 years old when he and I were first learning to call the fire with the bow drill.

This symbol recognizes and honors the four directions, the four winds. All things are encompassed in the four directions. When I smoke the medicine pipe I offer it to the four directions. Part of the significance of this symbol is that it acknowledges that the medicine powers that I have do not come from me.


Chanchka Remedios is a partnership existing to support a remembrance of each person’s wholeness. We acquaint our participants with the rhythms of the natural world by learning about primitive skills, medicinal plants and wild edibles. Since the beginning, plants have been one of the most important factors in the life of humans... physically, emotionally and spiritually. The foundation of Chanchka Remedios is based on remembering that the plants are alive. We provide tools for each person to begin or continue their relationship with the plants through building a  strong foundation in plant communication.

We believe in being good relatives.

Chanchka Remedios offers workshops in different locations around the Southwestern United States. Our workshops vary from 1 – 3 days. During most of these workshops we are camping on private land for the duration of the workshop. In each workshop, our primary focus is with the plants. We participate in day-long herb walks and talk about each plant we encounter at length, whether we are discussing medicinal uses, edible uses, medicine making or plant communication. Our workshops focus solely on hands-on learning, building relationships with our plant relatives and experiencing their subtle yet powerful aspects. 

We also offer Single Day participation for folks who cannot make it for all three days and live close enough to participate in this way. Children are always welcome!

If you would like us to come to your corner of the world please contact us!