Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People



This class is a 4 hour long basket making class using materials that grow in the surrounding area. Doug shares many of the techniques of weaving he has learned from the Tarahumara, Navajo, and other cultures. Incorporating the importance of the weaving and the traditions they came from.

Fire by Friction

Here we have practical application of how to create and start a fire with the materials in our surrounding areas. You will be given the hands on materials and experience to create fire without matches or lighters by bow drill and hand drill. Doug also talks in depth about the specific materials for making fire in relationship to climate, season, and efficiency. For all ages!

Plant Fiber Cordage Making

We learn to transform plant fibers into rope and string using the reverse-wrap method. Rope making is an essential for life in the out-of-doors and a foundation for primitive skills. Doug shares with us his many years experience as we seek out the fiber, learn to isolate it from the plant, and twist it into a gorgeous, functional product.

Desert Life Ways

If you have ever lived in the south west, then you have certainly gazed upon the dry, spiny terrain and wondered how it is that people have ever flourished here. With decades of experience living and walking about in the southwest from New Mexico to the Sonoran Desert, Doug has a vast understanding of this environment. In response to the questions and curiosity of his students, Doug will share his insight into the magic and delicate vibrancy of the desert as he has lived it.

Medicines and Tools From the Pine Trees

The pitch, needles, nuts, and wood of the pine tree family hold a great amount of potential to help heal, feed and supply us. In this class we learn how to harvest and use the trees food and medicine as well as what parts can be used for tools such as primitive glue and fire kits.