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Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

The Search for Sustainability documentary series is sweeping the globe with inspiring, uplifting, practical, next-level information substantially shifting the way we look at life on planet earth.

While most people think of sustainability as the ecology, this bold new documentary series has explored every major facet of life from the viewfinder of sustainability, and with over 100,000 views in less than 2 weeks, thousands of people around the globe are raving about it's release. 

Nathan Crane, the creator of the series, has just informed me that they are broadcasting all 12 episodes absolutely free for the next 48 hours, starting Saturday morning until Sunday evening at midnight Eastern Time. 

Simply go to the web page below, enter your name and email, and you will be taken directly to the web page where you can watch all 12 episodes free of charge until Sunday at midnight. 

Here's the web page:


I highly encourage you to watch as many episodes as you can this weekend as you will never look at sustainability and your life the same again. 

It will uplift, inspire, and encourage you to live with deeper purpose and meaning, higher health and vitality, more connection and spiritual reverence, engaged community involvement, self-reliance and sustainability, and a lot more. 

Go to this web page to watch all 12 episodes this weekend only at no charge:

 Thank you for being a valued part of my community, I know you'll enjoy this series. 

Doug Simons


If you would like to own the entire series at 40% off so you can watch it at your leisure with lifetime access to all episodes and behind the scenes access to all interviews, go to this web page for all the details about lifetime ownership options: