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Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

Smudging With Artemesia

By Deb

Artemesia!  Learning the art of smudging is surely a remarkable contribution to daily life! We have many options of plants to choose from for creating smudge sticks.  Some folks like to use Salvia apiana (white sage), Artemesia tridentata (Big Sage brush), or one of the Artemesias that grow locally in your region. They are all beautiful plants to know and an important alliance to make. We use this plant to cleanse and protect ourselves physically and energetically. Most cultures around the world use a variety of plants to clear their energy fields of unwanted energies or to use as a protection for their families, their homes, or during ceremony.


Using one of the southwestern Artemesia’s as a smudge has grown into a part of my daily practice to maintain homeostasis.  After I smudge, I feel uplifted and renewed.  I use one of our many available smudges to create a subtle yet powerful shift within my energy. I use it to invite awareness and to clear boggy energies in my mind and body.  This is an amazing plant to have as your ally in this world because a lot of times we need to feel that we are energetically protected. Artemesia gives us the opportunity to walk in the world with a feeling of confidence. Doug always reminds me that, “Artemesia helps us have the energy around us that we want”. Doug has also taught me to connect Artemesia with diligence and frequency.  I have come to rely on my alliance with this beautiful plant!

 In the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded how helpful Artemesia is when there is a time of sickness in the household. Remembering to smudge during these times is astonishingly useful to keep the energy moving so the sickness in the household can be cleansed and purified.  During these winter months, I have learned to diligently smudge before going anywhere to protect my energy. With this plant we learn to treat the body and home as the temples they are!