Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

Creating a Medicine Bundle

By Deb

In just a few weeks, my son, Cedar and I will be traveling to Costa Rica!  With this adventurous and grandiose opportunity, our experiences will fill our spirits and nourish life-long learning (especially for a six year old). However, as we know, traveling can be challenging and straining on the chi.  Some of the challenges may include riding buses, different quality of food, living out of backpacks,  language barrier, and bacteria’s unknown to our bodies.  All of which certainly enhance the experience, yet, we need to take measures to keep our chi fed, our intestines functioning with ease, and our nervous systems nourished. As I am preparing for this journey with my son, I have put diligent effort into creating a medicine bundle that will enhance and protect our bodies, spirits and minds during our experiences.

Cedar’s Medicine Pouch

I am happy to share with you somethings that Doug has taught me about creating a medicine bundle. The most important aspect to know about a medicine bundle is that it is small and therefore easily accessible. The key is availability. It is important that your medicines are with you right when you need them as opposed to in your backpack under the bus.  When you begin to feel ill, use the medicines to ward off the sickness. Very seldom do illnesses begin full force, so if you have the medicine immediately it changes the whole situation.  I have learned when using these medicines the key to being effective is the articulation of timing. These plants are in our lives every day. If you watch the deer, the bear, the burros, they are all eating these plants, not just when they are sick. They eat them to increase vitality, they eat them for general health, and for balance. If we only reserve them for the time when we are sick, that is not allowing them to participate in our lives in the way that they can.  It is helpful to use these medicines in a daily kind of way. Creating a medicine bundle facilitates our relationship with ourselves and creates more harmonious relationships with our plant relatives. Using a medicine bundle becomes effortless.  It becomes a way of honoring the temple of your body.

I would like to share with you a few concepts I use when selecting the medicines that I carry.  My choices are dependent upon where I am traveling and what season/climate it is.  I chose plants that preserve well and aren’t messy.  Roots, barks and some resins are generally good choices. Carrying a plentiful stock of each of these medicines is very important.  The medicine bundle is always on my person and readily available where as I keep other medicines packed away in my bags.

These are the plants that will accompany and bless us on our journey to Costa Rica!

Osha- who provides clarity, focus and protection

Elephant Tree (Torote)-  for stabilizing chi, eliminating unwanted energies ( in other words immuno-stimulant) and as Doug says, ”keeping energy crisp and strong”

Chaparro Amargosa – for questionable water or food (anti parasitic and bacterial). As one of our students said, “Chaparro is the ambassador plant for traveling to other countries”

Valerian – for support in handling stress (aligning and bringing harmony between body, mind, spirit, emotions) and offering a calm, aware approach to different situations

Wound Powder- to prevent external infections that could occur in cuts,scrapes, etc and for tooth brushing

Ginger- Motion sickness

Oregon Grape Root- stimulating a congested liver

Chaparral- to support the liver in dealing with rancid/bad oils

Please feel free to share your experiences with creating medicine pouches and their significance in your life!  Buen viaje!