Chanchka Remedios

Harmonizing Relationships between Plants and People

Made by Doug

Chaparral Oil____________________$15/ 2 oz.

Pine Pitch Salve__________________$8/ 1 oz.___$15$/ 2 oz.___$28/ 4 oz.

Wound Tooth Powder______________$10/ 1oz.

Four Herb Gall Bladder Formula_______$40

Alternatives to Dentist DVD___________$30

Complete Friction Fire Kit____________$40 

(includes bow with string, 2 spindles, 2 boards, handhold, and tinder)  

Dried Plant

Celandine______________________$10/ 1 oz.

Chaparro_______________________$10/ 10 gr.

Dried Leaf

Chaparral_______________________$10/ 2 oz.

Manzanita_______________________$10/ 2 oz.

Silk Tassel______________________$10/ 1 oz


Horsetail Powder_________________$10/ 1 oz/___$140/ 1 lb.

Milk Thistle Seed_________________$5/ 1 oz.

Ocotillo Bark____________________$10/ 1 oz.

Prodigiosa______________________$10/ 1 oz

Torote_________________________$20/ 10 g.

Yellow Dock Dry Root_____________$15/ 2 oz.

 Many other single herbs and herbal formulas available… please inquire!


Herbal Consultation_____$80 a hour

Herbal consultations are available in person or by phone. To arrange a phone consultation, please email me to schedule a time.

To Place an Order

Please email your order and shipping address to 

We will ship your order with an invoice. When you receive your order please send a check. There is a $20 minimum.

Thanks-  Doug                     

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