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Alternatives to Dentists DVD

We’re SO excited to announce that Marjory Wildcraft has assisted us in filming, producing and putting together a DVD of Doug’s famous Toothcare class.

With his extensive knowledge, understanding and experience in the wilderness, Alternatives to Dentists outlines how to care, clean and support your teeth. In addition, your enamel, overall mouth care and infections.

Check out what Kathy, from SW Herb had to share after learning Doug’s approach:

“About 2 months after attending a weekend workshop with Doug Simons on herbal tooth care, a big chip broke off the back of one of my front teeth.  My immediate response was “Oh my God, I need to call the dentist,” but then I heard Doug’s wise voice in my mind say, “Don’t panic, you have time.”

I went out and harvested a prickly pear pad and made a poultice just as Doug explained and placed it between my lip and gum at the broken tooth.  I continued this for about 3 or 4 days.  I also started taking about 1 1/2 teaspoons of Doug’s amazing wild, vibrant green horsetail each night before going to bed.  It has been about 6 months now and just as Doug said it would, the enamal has completely grown over the borken area of the tooth and there has never been any sign of decay or pain.”

To learn more about Alternatives to Dentists, get a sneak peek of Doug’s talk and some great free information, follow this link and you’ll be directed to our Alternatives To Dentists site. Here you can also purchase the DVD for two-payments of $37/each.